A warning about soy products.

Soy Warning Issued

Scientists, doctors, and nutritionists who have warned that soy is not a health food and that soy poses special risks in infants and children received support this week from the Israeli Health Ministry, which issued a health advisory recommending that soy foods be eaten only in moderation. The Health Ministry strongly recommended that consumption of soy foods be limited for young children and adults and that soy formula be avoided altogether by infants.

It should be noted that hundreds of studies link soy foods and soy infant formula to digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, dementia, reproductive disorders, and even cancer. The Ministry based its advice upon the conclusions reached by a 13-member committee of nutritionists, oncologists, pediatricians, and other specialists who spent more than a year examining the evidence. The committee concluded that the estrogen-like plant hormones in soy can cause adverse effects on the human body, including cancer promotion and reproductive problems.

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