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Sweaty And Hot

Sweaty And Hot

A thousands-year-old tenet holds that energy within the body when in balance, allows the organism to maintain health. There are factors that cause the body to become out of balance like external environmental factors, emotional imbalance, or inherited genetic response. Acupuncture is the mode of healing the body from imbalances like that of temperature regulation. 

Truth be told hot surges are not reserved for the middle-aged, menopausal woman. Hot surges can be had by men and women alike; young, old, and everywhere in between. 

Several months ago I had a 50-year-old female visit me in the office. She described all of the typical menopausal symptoms including hot flashes coming on frequently and intensely. These hot flashes presented better in the morning and worse as the day went on. Her hot flashes would start from the back of her knees to her back, wrap around her abdomen then shoot up to her face, and cause extreme heat and sweating. Interestingly, abdominal bloating would be worse with the onset of these hot flashes. After her initial acupuncture appointment, her symptoms reduced in intensity and frequency. We worked through weekly acupuncture visits for a couple of months to help ensure her symptoms would abate and retreat. We found a good herbal prescription which is a well-known formula for hot flashes. Today, she has been enjoying a hot flash-free life! 

A 40-year-old female came in with a self-described Richard Simmons-esk sweating problem. She is a massage therapist. Occupied hands all day proved this sweat difficult to manage. We, with just 6 appointments, were able to get this obscene sweating under control with acupuncture. What a relief! 

Just over a month ago, a 20-year-old female came in to visit concerning her extreme body heat. She was hot all of the time. She would break out in a sweat randomly throughout the day or night. She did notice that her hot surges became worse when she was on her menstrual cycle. We began to treat her with acupuncture for 

the hot surges, along with the autoimmune eosinophilic esophagitis. Her youth and constitutional strength made this an easy case to treat with only a few acupuncture treatments. 

My most recent hot surge patient began acupuncture treatments two weeks ago. This 17-year-old male was

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