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The Fundamentals of Acupuncture


Some people have experienced acupuncture and know how it works, but others have only heard of the term and have many questions about this effective therapy. For those who are completely unfamiliar, acupuncture is a holistic health technique that is used to promote the balance of energy within the body. This holistic therapy addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the patient’s health. It serves as a large portion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was first utilized over 3,000 years ago in Ancient China. This therapy establishes balance between the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. These systems are responsible for the way the body responds to stressors, hormone balance, immune response, emotions and thoughts. This therapy works to get the body into a state where it can physiologically learn how to heal itself and remain in balance.


Safety is a common concern for patients who are considering trying out acupuncture treatment, it is an exceptionally safe form of therapy. It is a drug-free treatment that helps induce feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. The hair-thin needles used to facilitate energy balance within the body are sterile and used only for a single session. Another common concern for a potential patients is sensation. What does it feel like? Typical sensations include feelings of heaviness, tingling, itchiness, warmth and numbness. Sometimes, no sensation at all is felt during the treatment. At times, there are some histamine responses on the skin which consist of a slight reddening around the area of insertion. If this occurs, it is an indication that the treatment is soliciting a bodily reaction. Essentially, this is a signal that the body is listening and is beginning to make changes.


Science suggests that acupuncture works by conducting electromagnetic signals in the body which activates the body’s dopamine response. The recruitment of neurons in the brain helps facilitate changes in brain chemistry, sensations in the body and bodily functions.
There are many acupuncturists with a wide range of focuses to help suit specific holistic health needs.

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