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Because of my holistic practice I tend to attract patients that have healthy life style. However, from time to time I will get a patient that comes in for help who is oblivious to what a healthy life style is. Last week I had just such a patient come in. Jack who was in his late 30’s was suffering from severe chronic low back pain as a result of degenerative joint disease. Having had one surgery already he did not have many options left. I was surprised to see that at his age he was on medication for blood pressure and reflux.

When he described his diet I was taken aback. I knew people ate badly but it had been a while since I saw someone with this horrible of a diet. His breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all fast food. It was obvious that being 90 lbs overweight was contributing to many of his problems. I reassured him that we could most likely help him get off his pain medicine for his back. But, I warned him that unless he changed his eating his quality of life was going to only get more miserable.

He seemed to take this advice to heart as he began to make positive changes in his diet. The best doctor can only give good advice-and set a good example. Patients must empower themselves to take control of their own health. They can not leave it to a physician who after a 7 minute visit hands out medications that only palliate symptoms.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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