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The G Spot

The term G spot was coined in 1981 by a team of researchers at the Rutger’s University School of Nursing. It is area that was until recently assumed to be located on the anterior vaginal wall in an area called the urethrovaginal space. When stimulated it is supposed to trigger one of the most intense orgasms imaginable with waves of pleasure spreading out across the whole body. Recent transvaginal ultrasounds by Emmanuele Jannini at the Uniersity of L’Aquila in Italy showed that women who experienced vaginal orgasm had a much thicker urethrovaginal space than women who did not have vaginal orgasm. This seems to support previous questionnaire-based studies such as the Hite Report, which found that 70 % of women do not have orgasm through intercourse, but are able to experience orgasm easily by direct clitoral stimulation. Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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