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“The Gift of Normalcy”


“Sam, our only son, was non-verbal at age three even though he was physically high functioning.  He used only few words to communicate.  The rest of the time he used tantrums and physical gestures to communicate with others.  He was a very hyperactive kid.  (On the first office visit he was wandering aimlessly around the office.)  For several years,  I gave him therapies and took him to early childhood programs with little results.  Finally, when he turned seven I thought ‘I have to take some measures to improve him’.  So, I turned to homeopathy.”

He started responding to us better and we felt he was with us and not living in his own world anymore.   His language improved as did his eye contact with people.  He began reading better and stayed on task better than before.   Now he is functioning normally.  Sam can follow directions, and understands people when they speak to him.

Even though we still have catching up to do with his lost 6-7 years of life, we got the hope of recovery from Dr. Pfau’s homeopathic treatment.    Homeopathy has given our son “the gift of normalcy.”

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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