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The Right Homeopathic Treatment for Anxiety and Depression


If you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks and are thinking, “I need some of that  Calcarea carbonicum.”  Don’t rush out quite yet to buy some. You see, there are over 500 homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat anxiety. And unfortunately, of those 500 remedies there are maybe a handful that will help you as an individual. So the treatment of anxiety is individualized to treat the whole person.

Let me share a story of another patient that I saw the same day that Christine visited the clinic. The first words out of Janice’s mouth were, “I have been dealing with depression and anxiety ever since I was little. Now I find that I am becoming consumed and anxious when working on projects or thinking of our financial situation. A lot of time when I am in this anxious state  I cannot organize my closet  because  it would cause too much anxiety. So I stick with things that are easy and calming. With this anxiety I find that I am snippy with my husband and daughter.”

Along with Janice’s anxiety, she shared a long list of other problems. These included easy bruising, chronic fatigue, daily headaches,  constant  canker sores,  insomnia, frightful dreams, chronic vaginal discharge and dizziness. After taking into consideration all her symptoms and her nature, I decided that the homeopathic remedy  Phosphorus  would best help her.

After 6 weeks of being on the remedy she found like Christine she was not worrying and fretting  over things. Even though their financial situation hadn’t changed,  they did not weigh on her as before the remedy. Her headaches and canker sores were no more, the easy bruising was gone,  her energy went from a 4  to an 8. And she slept through the night without waking from frightful dreams. These and all her other symptoms went away.

Janice had been on anti-depressants in the past and like other patients on this class of medications commented that, “I can still feel emotions, whereas with the Paxil  I was in the land of the living but found my emotions blunted. Like I went to a funeral and could not cry.”

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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