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Treated Illnesses

How Does Holistic Medicine Differ From Traditional?

At the Renaissance Medical Centre, we have been successful in treating almost all chronic diseases. Below is a partial listing some of the more common illness that respond well to alternative therapy. The wide array of unique and effective treatment modalities that we offer provides us with the flexibility to tailor a treatment program for each individual.

Which Illnesses Can Be Treated?

Acne Diabetes Mental Fatigue
Acne rosacea Diabetic ulcers Migraines
ADD Diarrhea- acute & chronic Multiple sclerosis
Addiction Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) Neck Pain
ADHD Endometriosis Nutritional deficiencies
Allergies Eczema Nutritional imbalance
Anemia Fever blisters Obesity
Anger Fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis
Anxiety Fibroid tumors Panic attacks
Arteriosclerosis Bronchitis Parasites
Arthritis Food allergies Parkinson’s disease
Asthma Fibromyalgia Phobias
Back Pain Gastric ulcer PMS
Behavioral problem Golf Injuries Post herpetic neuralgia
Bipolar disorder (manic/depression) Hayfever Post traumatic stress
Bladder infections (acute and recurrent) Headaches Psoriasis
Body Imbalance Herpes Zooster Rage
Candida Hives Sciatica
Cancer therapy support Hypothyroidism Seizures
Canker sores Immune dysfunction Sexual dysfunction hyper or hyposexuality
Crohn’s disease Infections- recurrent Sinusitis
Chronic fatigue Impotency Smoking cessation
Constipation Insecurity (low self esteem) Sports Injuries
Coronary artery disease Insomnia Ulcerative colitis
Cervical dysplasia Infertility Urinary frequency
Cravings Irritable Bowel Varicose veins
Delayed development Hypertension Vaginitis
Diabetic neuropathy Interstitial cystitis Vertigo
Diabetic neuropathy Joint hypermobility Warts
Depression OCD Whiplash

If you have specific health concerns that you would like to discuss with one of our physicians please contact our office.

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