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True Stories- The Miracle of Ozone

Brandi is a 42-year-old mother of 3 and business owner whose world was forever changed in 2021. Within days of receiving the COVID vaccine she began to develop strange, debilitating symptoms. Every night around 7-8PM she would get excruciating pain in the back of her head and numbness in her left arm and leg. Her voice became hoarse, and throat felt like it was constricting. Everyday activities got harder and harder. Eventually standing for too long became unbearable and was one of the main reasons she had to close her salon.  She was easily overwhelmed and over stimulated and felt disconnected and detached.  Her blood pressure started to drop, and she had fainting spells. She saw several specialists, had multiple tests ran and was eventually diagnosed with dysautonomia, cardiogenic syncope and hypotension. She was placed on several medications to raise her blood pressure, but she still had trouble reaching appropriate levels. Over the years she has tried multiple therapies all with the little to no symptom relief.

We ran baseline labs to work on balancing her metabolically, using low dose naltrexone and supplements. In addition, we started her on ozone working her up to EBOO/dialysis. After just one treatment she noticed symptom relief.  Currently she has had a handful of treatments and is off all of her prescription medications, the left sided numbness has decreased to only a few days a week rather than nightly, the headaches are not as extreme, and she can’t remember the last time she had the pain in the back of her head. Her energy levels have improved, and she no longer feels disconnected. For the first time there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She continues to do ozone today and tells anyone who will listen about the gamechanger, ozone, that changed her life.

Dr. Nicole Hujer, ND, RD, CNS, CSG, CLT

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