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Hypnotherapy for Treating IBS and IBD

Hypnotherapy to Treat Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) / Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a debilitating intestinal condition, manifesting as Crohn’s disease (CD), ulcerative colitis (UC) or indeterminate colitis (IC), where the body’s autoimmune disorder attacks the healthy gastrointestinal tissues causing inflammation within the gut.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy for both Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), that can be learnt by patients to practice self-hypnosis.

What to expect

The 1st session includes a detailed interview to gather as much conscious information from patient regarding the IBD/IBS – patient medical history, personal history, goal setting, answering any questions patients have, and running a hypnosis session to gauge patient’s reaction to hypnosis.

Through the hypnosis session, patient will be taught the deep-breathing technique, learn of the benefits, and then induced to a deeply relaxed state. The induction will be based on the foundation of Vipasana, where patient will be a co-therapist in formulating therapeutic suggestions specific to patient goals given.  Patients emerge from hypnosis and are debriefed to discuss how the session went, answer any questions, and are encouraged to practice ongoing self-hypnosis.

Success Story

”Steven (name changed to protect privacy) has suffered from ulcerative colitis since a young age.  It has not been easy for Steven through high school when his worst fear happened – uncontrollable urge when going out with friends.  Blessed be. Steven’s friends were understanding and showered him with all the support a teenager needed to get through an event.  Said incident happened again in adulthood during a family trip, where Steven was left feeling so embarrassed – the whole trip was shot.

Unless suffering from UC, one can only imagine the feelings after these two incidents.  Since the last family trip, Steven has never ventured further then an hour drive, or ventured to unknown routes or locations.  He just stayed close to home or along routes where he KNOWS he has access to bathrooms and their conditions.  He constantly has a change of clothes in the car just in case.  It was not fun. It was not easy.

After 3 sessions, Steven dropped the bomb on me.  He was going to Asia with his sister.  We looked at each other and grinned.  The ultimate test – was he ready?  Would he have any incident?  Did the hypnotherapy even work?

With the prospect of a 14 hour flight Las Vegas, Steven admitted to feeling stuck on the plane with limited number of bathrooms.  Anxiety did build up, where he would practice his deep breathing and recite his affirmations and the anxiety would subside.  Plane ride – check!!!

Next on his agenda was climbing to the top of a mountain (12,400ft) which would span over 5 hours, without any bathroom access.  The trip began with a 1 hour subway ride to the base of the mountain, followed by a 2-hour bus ride half way up, and having to trek the remaining 4-hours to the top of the mountain.  Thinking he would have the chance for a bathroom break before boarding the bus, Steve bypassed a couple bathroom chances not feeling the urge or anxiety to go.  Unfortunately – the subway was delayed where Steven and his group had to run straight for the 2-hr bus ride else miss the whole trip.  Reaching midway up the mountain 2 hours later, immediately the remaining 90 minute HIKE UP the mountain commenced.

Steven made it to the top of the mountain after 5 hr, without a single incident or need for the bathroom.  Throughout his whole trip (10 days) along with the mountain climb – not once did Steven encounter a single bowel accident.  Whenever he DID feel anxiety, or nervousness, the 2 emotions known to immediately trigger the uncontrollable bowel movement, he practiced his deep breathing and recited his affirmations. His body would immediately calm down to normal and he would proceed with his agenda.

Steven proved many things to himself in that 12,400ft climb up the mountain.  Most importantly, he proved to himself “he can do it”, and “he is in control” of the situation.  He defeated his worst fear, he defeated the mountain, he achieved his goal, and he got to the top in flying colors.  To reward and be a constant reminder, Steven brought back a small gift from the top of the mountain, which he keeps in his car to remind himself of his goal achieved.  The pair of walking sticks, which are lined with achievement stickers for each elevation he reached, are framed in his bedroom to remind him of how he overcame the largest mountain ever – his ulcerative colitis.

His success is beyond his wildest dream and a rejoice to him and his family.  Traveling the world is now just the edge of his fingertips, ready to make happen whenever the next trip comes on, where the most awaited family trip is now going to take place in no other than the furthest of all places on our beautiful planet – Antartica.

Steven’s hypnotherapy journey was made possible mainly from Steven’s mindset to being open to the process, being AUTHENTIC to himself at all times, and his WILLINGNESS to take on the past and get thru as well as doing his weekly homework given.

From all of us here at the Renaissance Health Center, we send out to “Steven” our joy, our support, and our excitement for your success and look forward to hearing of where your next adventure takes and brings to you.  Say hello to the animals of Antartica for us all as we can only dream of such an exhilarating adventure.

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