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Turning Off Genes

Many times when we treat a patient and they do not return you wonder if he just did not get better and went on to try something else or if he was cured and did not need to come back. Last November a patient that I had not seen for 5 years came back with his mother. Joshua who is now 16 was treated for the typical symptoms of ADD. The mother had tried Joshua on Ritalin and Strattera but found the side effects intolerable. So I treated him with a homeopathic constitutional remedy and he did well for close to 5 years.

His mom commented that "I thought he was cured as his symptoms were gone for 4 years." With any illness that is treated homeopathically we can only turn off the set of genes that is responsible for the expression of the disease. In the presence of strong physical or emotional stressors these same genes are turned back on resulting in old symptoms returning.

This time in addition to having the ADD, Joshua also had arthritic symptoms, fatigue and fainting spells. I retreated with Tuberculinum the same constitutional remedy he had 5 years ago and all his symptoms resolved.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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