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UNDER THE MICROSCOPE- Live Blood Assessment

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE- Live Blood Assessment

What Does a Live Blood Assessment Reveal About Our Overall Health?

Live blood microscopy is a technique that allows natural health practitioners to observe and assess the fascinating relationship between health and disease at the cellular level. Blood also known as vital fluid comes into contact with every living cell in the body as it carries vital nutrients and oxygen to and it removes waste from other cells. When blood is “sick”, other cells in the body are also “sick”. Once the cause of sickness in the blood is identified and understood, it is then possible to understand why other cells in the body are also sick. Furthermore, if it is possible to improve blood quality, it is then possible to improve the quality of almost every other cell in the body.

Live Blood Assessment is an incredibly valuable tool in preventative medicine. Assessing blood under the microscope determines the state of the body’s internal environment, or ‘terrain’ and whether the terrain is in a state of balance or imbalance. This knowledge is of the utmost importance because changes in the blood precede any physical manifestations. When blood and terrain are compromised, disease quickly follows. When various underlying imbalances that are known to lead to disease are detected while still at an early stage, they can be corrected with simple natural protocols. A state of balance and health is restored once terrain imbalances are corrected.

Conventional vs Natural Medicine

Unlike conventional laboratory blood assessment in which the sample is stained and essentially dead, live blood assessment uses whole, unaltered blood viewed under higher magnification to assess the condition of blood cells, plasma, microbial activity and anomalies that are not typically ordered in conventional blood testing. Live blood assessment looks at how blood cells behave when they are still alive.  This results in identification of potential problems years before conventional blood tests are able to detect any abnormalities.

While conventional medicine is concerned with eradicating disease by suppressing symptoms and killing bacteria or cancer cells, natural medicine is concerned with the state of the terrain because disease will only be able to thrive in a suitable soil. Similar to how plants that are grown in poor soil become subsequently weaker and more prone to disease, the cells in the body are affected by suboptimal terrain.

If you are interested in learning more about live blood assessment, subscribe to the Renaissance Health Centre YouTube channel and watch Certified Live Blood Microscopist, Liz Kerby, discuss the process and many of the abnormalities commonly found in the blood. [Live Blood Overview by Liz Kerby] To schedule a live blood assessment, call the Renaissance front desk at 702-258-7860Liz Kerby CHC, AADP

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