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GERD and Heartburn

GERD AND Heartburn Medications Not for Long Term Use – Part II

Stress and anxiety are often the underlying causes of GERD and heartburn. Although it is usually triggered by emotional stress, it can also be triggered by physical stress. Stress and anxiety can decrease pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, the band of muscle at the bottom of the esophagus that allows food and liquid to pass to the stomach. When this sphincter relaxes abnormally, stomach acid flows back up through the esophagus causing heartburn. Stress and anxiety may also affect contractions occurring in the esophagus, which propel food toward the stomach. Reflux results if these contractions become irregular. Additionally, high stress and anxiety levels may increase the production of stomach acid.


Fortunately, there are natural solutions and cures for GERD and heartburn. I have treated patients on PPIs for over 30 years and have only come across a single instance in which I was not able to wean the patient off medication. There are three therapeutic approaches that I commonly use when treating GERD and heartburn. The first is to address the stress and anxiety component. Treating this underlying cause is best accomplished using an individualized homeopathic constitutional remedy to help restore balance to the whole person.

The second approach entails testing individuals for excess copper. I was introduced to this approach by William Walsh PhD. who has treated over ten thousand patients with copper imbalance. He found that elevated free copper levels can trigger stress and anxiety. Patients notice that as their copper levels drop with treatment they become more significantly relaxed.

The third approach is acupuncture. This aids in balancing not only the emotional health of a patient – but more directly – addresses what the Chinese refer to as the reversal of the flow of ‘Qi‘. What we ingest is meant to travel down the digestive tract. Through acupuncture, we can restore the normal downward flow of stomach contents.

At Renaissance Health Centre, we offer GERD and heartburn treatment using a combination of therapeutic approaches. To learn more about how we can actually work to cure GERD and heartburn, call Renaissance Health Centre at 702-258-7860 to schedule a consultation.

Terry Pfau, DO HMD 

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