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Visions Of Hurting These People

Judith spent a life time of working long hard hours to become director of a large public organization – the first woman to ever hold this position. But once she got there she found that the man to which she reported was jealous over her rapid assent and treated her with disrespect and outright disdain. Over the ensuing years anger built up within her to where she ” had visions of hurting him. He was jealous. I felt rage and threatened to kill him.” It was at this point she realized that she had to quit her job if she were to protect her sanity. Unfortunately, the damage was already done to her physical health.

With this emotional turmoil Judith began experiencing “excruciating migraines 2-3 times weekly that would extend from the back of her head to her right eye. It felt as though someone was putting a hot poker in her eye. These would be preceded by lightening bolt auras. She experienced severe fatigue to where just doing a load of laundry would exhaust her. For the last 3 years she found that if she did not take Valium and Ambien she would not sleep.

Judith was given a constitutional homeopathic remedy that literally transformed her life. Even with the Valium she “was pacing the back yard going 100 miles a minute”. Just two weeks after treatment she was able to go off the valium and felt much calmer. Her sleep returned to normal to where she “feels for the first time when wake up that I have slept .” As a result of sleeping soundly her energy has returned. She commented that she is reading much less because she can do things around the house without getting tired. And most importantly just three weeks into treatment she has cut her Topomax (migraine medication) in half and has not had any migraines.

It is not uncommon for emotional stress to trigger debilitating migraines and other symptoms. It is only by restoring balance to the emotions with homeopathic treatment that healing on the physical level can occur.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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