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You Have control over Your Own Health: Part II

The founder of Osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still said, “the body has a self-healing, self-regulating mechanism that tends towards health.”

There are many therapies that we use at Renaissance Health Centre that utilize our body’s own innate healing ability.  But, what most patients do not realize is that they too can influence their own health just with their thought processes

We need to look at how we are talking to ourselves.  If your story is not serving you why not try a different story.  When you say you are going to get better every morning on waking then you have at least a 33+ % chance that you will.  But if you say to yourself that I am not going to get better then that is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Jimmy Dean said, “ I can’t  change the direction of the wind  but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Circumstances or situations may not be in your favor but you can choose what you focus on so that you can reach your destination.

How do we harness this placebo effect to our benefit?

Make no thought-form of yourself regarding the disease, but instead make a thought-form of yourself as strong and hearty, and perfectly well. Impress this thought-form on your creative intelligence and your thought form will become manifest in your flesh.

Make a thought-form of yourself, as you desire to be, and set your ideal * as near to perfection* as your imagination is capable of forming the conception.   It does not have to be perfect.  Get started now and change your conception as you progress. This always is certain as it comes by obedience to a universal law.

Another way to harness this placebo effect is to write down all the negative thoughts you have about your health like I can’t heal from leaky gut or I am too lazy to eat well, or  I do not like taking these supplements.   And whatever you write on the left you will write the exact opposite on the right.  For example leaky gut is easy to heal, I am industrious/active,  I look forward to taking my supplements.

Now take the negative half of the sheet and shred it or ceremoniously burn it.  Then take the right side of the page – this is the real healed you- and read these statements in the morning and evening.  The more you reinforce it the stronger the likelihood you are going to get there.

This is the first step in going from unhealthy to healthy.  You have to be brutally honest with yourself about the negative and get rid of them and just believe when you read the right side of the page you are going to get better.

By using this approach and harnessing that 33+ % placebo power you can change not only your health but also your relationships, and live a more fulfilling life where you can accomplish your life’s goals and aspirations.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD serving Las Vegas with naturopathic and homeopathic medicine.

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