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Abuse’s Long Term Effects

When doing the initial homeopathic evaluation of an adult patient for chronic health problems I find it very beneficial to go back to their childhood. I commonly will ask ‘what was the atmosphere at home like growing up?’ More often than not the patient will recall verbal, physical or sexual abuse. In fact, when the patient says they had a normal childhood I am surprised.

As a homeopathic physician, I have come to realize that past traumas often result in chronic illness. It is only when the effects of those emotional traumas are resolved with homeopathic treatment that the person can truly begin to heal physically.

This last week I came across an article which substantiates this observation. New findings from a long-term investigation found that adults who experienced maternal rejection, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and two or more changes in child’s primary caregiver had a dangerous disruption of the body’s stress response in adulthood. Previously abused individuals display elevated blood concentrations of inflammatory substances that fight infections and repair damaged tissue. These inflammatory substances have been shown to be connected to heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lung disease.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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