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Dr. Burnett’s Fever Bottle

Dr. J Compton Burnett was trained as a MD in Vienna Austria in 1865.   On hearing remarkable claims of cures made by homeopaths he set out to disprove them.

In the late 1800’s when children came down with a fever they were admitted to a ward for observation.  Once they developed localized inflammations, catarrhs, measles, etc. they sent into the hospital.  As Dr. Burnett worked in one of these pediatric wards he felt this would be a good place to experiment with a particular homeopathic remedy Aconite which was said to cure fevers.

In his own words,” I had some of Tincture of Aconite in my surgery, and of this I put a few drops into a large bottle of water and gave it to the nurse of said children’s ward, with instructions to administer of it to all the cases on the one side of the ward as soon as they were brought in. Those on the other side were not to have the Aconite but were to be treated in the authorized orthodox way. At my next morning visit I found nearly all the youngsters on the Aconite side feverless, and mostly at play in their beds.

“Those on the non-aconite orthodox side were worse or about the same and had to be sent into the hospital- mostly with localized inflammations, catarrhs, measles, etc.”

“And so it went on day after day, day after day: those that got Aconite were generally convalescent in twenty-four or forty-eight hours.  I had told the nurse nothing about the contents of my big bottle, but she soon baptized it ‘Dr. Burnett’s Fever Bottle.’ ”*

Homeopathic aconite should be in every parent’s cabinet and more often than not will work better than Tylenol in that it will cure an acute onset of fever rather than suppressing it as does Tylenol.

*50 Reasons for being a Homeopath by  J Compton Burnett

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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