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FDA Pawn of Big Pharmacies

The FDA clearly demonstrated recently that it is a pawn of big pharmacies
by threatening cherry farmers and tart cherry juice producers with legal
action if they continue to educate the public about the health benefits
inherent in eating and/or drinking tart cherries. This is despite the fact that
there is plentiful scientific evidence for the efficacy of the bioflavonoids
in tart cherries to reduce pain and inflammation, prevent and/or treat gout,
prevent cancers and heart disease, etc.

We should exercise our right of civil disobedience by expressing our outrage at the FDA’s blatant attempt to suppress useful health information regarding health-promoting natural foods just so the greed-driven, multinational pharmaceutical corporations can reap in more drug profits. Go out of your way to use organic tart cherry juice products instead of toxic, anti-inflammatory drugs, hitting big pharmacies where it hurts most…their pockets.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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