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Unjustly fired and now angry

Fired Unjustly

Most of us at some point in our lives have felt extreme anger because we felt like we were treated unfairly. Usually with time the anger will subside. But sometimes people can get “stuck” in their anger and it will disrupt their whole health.

An example is Wade who worked for a local construction company. In his words, “I got fired and there is nothing that can do about it. I cannot get any sleep. I have surges of adrenaline. I want to get even..” he pauses for a moment thinking to himself, “but there is nothing that I can do. My mind rolls at night. I’ll get up and search for jobs on computer then go to bed and look at ceiling. It was unjustified the way that I was terminated.”

When Wade came in to the office he had been going through this emotional turmoil for 2 weeks. He was treated with a homeopathic remedy Causticum ( know for treating anger from being treated unjustly) and given an acupuncture treatment. From that night on he has slept normally and has had just a “few fleeting thoughts of anger”.

If left untreated one can only speculate how Wades rage would have affected his health. Fortunately, the treatment allowed him to get over his anger and go on with his life.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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