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Medical Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy in Cancer Care

Cancer drains both patient and caregiver – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Clinical hypnotherapy differs from entertainment hypnosis (stage shows, movies).  Together with a trained, certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist, hypnosis yields mental and emotional benefits to both cancer patients and caregivers.

Hypnotherapy is a known adjunct to various clinical diagnoses and treatments – symptoms of nausea, vomiting, pain from medication, build-up anxiety before/during treatment, and distress around surgical or medical procedures – is reduced to tolerable, manageable levels – where the patient can maximize the benefits from the clinical treatment received.


There is a misconception that hypnosis leaves you in a state where you are no longer in control of yourself.  False.  You are in control at all times.  Hypnosis requires focus and concentration to allow your subconscious mind to do its best job for you.  However, this is a skill that must be built, not one that we are born with.

When applied correctly and with a certified clinical hypnotherapist who can guide and teach you, you can feel better mentally and emotionally, which helps your body benefit from the treatment.

Imagine your therapy.  Recognize the feelings that arise as you imagine going through treatment.  Instead, imagine the medication or radiation like laser beams shooting out from your lightsaber.  Each cancer cell within you is a Stormtrooper.  Using the Jedi force within you, imagine and feel the blue laser light from your lightsaber blasts each cancerous stormtrooper.  You might miss some, but your lightsaber strikes many.  As you blast each stormtrooper, your energy increases.  Determined to win.  Notice how you feel.  You are not just a patient sitting in the chair watching the clock – you are taking an active role in your healing and being the best co-therapist for your treatment.

That is the power of mind-to-body healing. Reach out to our clinic to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you with your cancer treatment or other applications of mind-to-body healing by calling (702) 258-7860 today.

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