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Alternative Cancer Treatments

Photodynamic Therapy Treatment for Cancer

Lighting the Way: How Photodynamic Therapy Targets Cancer Cells

The journey of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) has been fascinating evolving from ancient phototherapy practices to cutting edge clinical applications. Its remarkable history spans over a century, originating in Germany and achieving a significant breakthrough in cancer treatment in 1975. In this innovative treatment we harness the power of light energy alongside a specialized photosensitizer such …

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Medical Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy in Cancer Care

Cancer drains both patient and caregiver – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Clinical hypnotherapy differs from entertainment hypnosis (stage shows, movies).  Together with a trained, certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist, hypnosis yields mental and emotional benefits to both cancer patients and caregivers. Hypnotherapy is a known adjunct to various clinical diagnoses and treatments – symptoms of …

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Individual Platelets

Platelets in Live Blood Assessment

Platelets (Figure 1; also known as thrombocytes) are an important part of the mechanism of coagulation that controls bleeding. Non-activated platelets circulate freely but once activated, they become sticky assuming a star-like shape and enmesh with each other and fibrin, forming a blood clot. One large group of platelet s in a single sample or …

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Intermittent Fasting is not just not eating.

Could Intermittent Fasting Be the Key to a Longer, Healthier Life?

Would you believe that changing when you eat could help you lose weight, improve your metabolic health, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, delay aging, and more? Our bodies evolved in very different conditions than we live in today. Our distant ancestors didn’t have a constant supply of food at their fingertips – no refrigerator, …

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Vitamin D – New Research

About 20 years ago vitamin D came on the scene with studies showing its benefits in preventing and treating specific diseases. More recent research continues to shed light on this important vitamin which in reality is actually a hormone.   Palliative Cancer Care – Not only is vitamin D important in most cancer care it …

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