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Miraculous Cancer Cure

Eleven years ago I was very hesitant to treat cancer with alternative therapy.  That is until Lupe, an in-law, came seeking help for her colon cancer that had metastasized  to her brain, lungs and liver. With her strength depleted, her oncologists here and at the Cancer Treatment Center of America had given up hope on her after she had failed chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

At that time I was aware of the two time Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, who championed the use of vitamin C in treating cancer. I told Lupe I did not know if this would help, but it definitely would not cause any harm. So we started her on a regimen of twice a week administration of over 50 grams of vitamin C intravenously. Her strength and energy gradually returned to normal and 3 months later her PET/CT scans revealed that she was cancer free. The IV C therapy was continued for a year on a less frequent schedule. She went on to live 11 more years cancer free and sadly passed away recently of causes related to the radiation therapy that she had to the brain.

When Lupe found out that her cancer was completely gone, she felt that this was a miracle and so did I. That is until several years later when I came across a scientific research paper by Dr. Channing Der, a molecular biologist at the University of North Carolina, who found the IV C was able to stop colon cancer dead in its track.

For years people with colon cancer have had the deck stacked against them. That’s because about half  the cases of colon cancer involve genetic mutations called BRAF or KRAS that make them nearly impossible to be treated with Standard of Care (SOC). Well, not anymore. Because when Der and his colleagues tested high dose intravenous vitamin C on colon cancer with these mutations, the cells started dying off in droves.

What they discovered with these two mutations is that they caused cancer cells to preferentially take up the vitamin C in place of sugar. This alone deprives cancer cells the energy source they need to grow and multiply. But even more importantly, once inside the cancer cell the vitamin C triggers the formation of hydrogen peroxide which is deadly to cancer cells as they lack the ability to neutralize it.

I was inspired by Lupe’s  miraculous recovery and began searching out and learning from the best alternative medical doctors in this country and abroad who were treating cancer successfully. Alternative cancer therapy is not a panacea for all cancers types and stages. But when SOC is necessary in treating cancer it will minimize the side effects and maximize its effectiveness, resulting in patients living longer, healthier lives.

Do I believe in miraculous healing? Yes. As doctors we do not have all the answers and sometimes a Higher healing source can step in to bring about a cure.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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