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Is the fluoride in our water worth it?

Is It Worth It?

Fluoride is added to 2/3 of US public water supplies with the expectation that it reduces cavities. Just how little it reduces cavities was revealed by a study done in Australia.

In the study 60,000 five- to six-year-olds were studied over a 5 year period. The fluoridated children averaged decay in about one tooth. Non-fluoridated children averaged decay in about one-and -one-half affected teeth. In other words 7/10 of one tooth was saved by fluoridation.

Given the fact that fluoridation has been linked to cancer, bone diseases, stomach disorders, thyroid and kidney dysfunction, increased lead absorption and dental fluorosis it makes one wonder, is it worth it. Is it worth risking our children’s health and spending taxpayers money for such a slim benefit?

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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