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The influence TV can have on our health.


One of the biggest factors affecting our kids eating habits is the advertising budgets of big corporations like Kellogg’s. For example, when Kellogg’s came out with their new cocoa frosted flakes they budgeted $30 million the first year. In comparison the FDA spent only $400,000 in one year to promote the use of vegetables and fruits. With the amount of time our children watch television and the countless snack food/ fast food commercials it is no wonder kids haven’t a clue as to what is a healthy diet. One ingenious person Magnus Scheving from Iceland has come up with a unique way of combating this lack of education and the resultant obesity problem. He has put together a funky, fresh and smart TV show LazyTown, that captures young peoples attention. The healthy-living message of this show is clear. In his native country LazyTown’s impact was credited with increasing the sales of fruits and vegetables by 22%. The Iceland’s surgeon general even credits the show with helping to halt the rise in childhood obesity. Currently LazyTown is being sold to more than 110 countries.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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