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Never Too Old to Cure

When I saw Irene several months ago she was complaining for 4 months of an unusual liquid draining from her ears. Even when she had cotton balls in her ears at night it would seep through and cause inflammation in the areas of her face where it stopped and dried. She had gone to four different doctors two of whom were ear, nose, and throat specialists but nothing they prescribed helped. Along with this drainage, her hearing was significantly decreased to where I had to raise my voice for her to hear me.

I had seen this condition in other patients and felt pretty certain that the homeopathic remedy Causticum would clear it up. And sure enough on her return visit in 3 weeks, it was 80% improved. But what I was not prepared for was a list of other maladies that the remedy had cured – which she did not mention on her initial visit. For the sake of brevity I will list them below:

  • Knee hip and shoulder pain significantly better
  • In 1997 a forklift hit her head resulting in the significant restriction in turning her head to the extent that she had to turn her body to look to her side. This restriction cleared as she demonstrated how she could turn her head.
  • Swelling in the legs for which she was taking a diuretic for years with little help cleared completely. She stopped the diuretic.
  • Energy went from a 4/10 to an 8/10
  • Her daughter who came with commented that she seems more connected and alert.

Irene’s response shows that the body has an amazing ability to heal at any age with the assistance of the right homeopathic remedy.

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