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What therapies can help you be pain free.

Pain Free

Working as an electrician can often times require a lot of squatting and kneeling. Jack who is in his early 50’s found that his work as a electrician was causing significant knee pain. Going down just 4 flights of stairs would cause the knees to hurt. After days of being real active the knee pain would keep him awake at night. On further questioning he admitted that he has had this knee pain ever since he was in high school. It was just something that he had learned to live with.

As his pain patter suggested that he have osteoarthritis I decided to treat him with a modified form of acupuncture known as PENS (Percutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation). This is a unique treatment modality that was developed by Dr. Craig in Texas to treat failed low back pain. The treatment utilizes acupuncture needles placed around the knee and specific electrical frequencies applied to the needles. After just one treatment Jack’s pain was 50% improved. After 4 more treatments the pain that had plagued him for all of his adult life was gone.

I have found very few cases of osteoarthritis that do not respond to this amazing therapy. In fact I had one patient that was contemplating knee replacement and as a result of the PENS treatment is pain free 4 years later.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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