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Slash Menstrual Cramps

There’s no question as to the distress women suffer because of menstrual cramps, it is a widespread problem.  It can be so severe for some women that it will cause them to be bedridden by their discomfort, often having to miss work or school and cancel other plans.

One solution that will give immediate relief is to take the homeopathic remedy Magnesium phosphoricum.  You can find this remedy in most health food stores.   Just take 3-4 granules every 30 minutes until relief is felt then take just as needed.

Another solution is to take omega -3 rich cod liver oil (or other fish oil) which has anti-inflammatory action.  Start with one tablespoon daily.  The first month you may notice only slight improvement.  But by your third month the cramps should be significantly better.

Most doctors will tell women that cramping is ‘normal’ and you need to learn to just live with it.  I would counter that menstrual cramp aren’t ‘normal’ in any respect but rather ‘common’.   When your body is experiencing pain emotional lability due to hormone fluctuations it indicates something is not functioning right.

Over the year as I have treated hundreds of women suffering from this problem with a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture they invariably reported back that they were surprised when their period started.  The cramping and emotional changes they normally felt just weren’t there anymore.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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