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What stress does to your life.

Stress Can Seriously Affect Your Emotions

Young kids are known to say what is on their minds.  Six weeks into Jennifer’s treatment her daughter blurted out, “mommy, you’re so much nicer.”

When she first came in she was an emotional and physical wreck.   In her words, “I just don’t care anymore.  I’m very sad, depressed, negative, moody, grumpy and having trouble handling any stress.  Part of my problem is I have to control everything and now that I have 3 small children it’s impossible to have any routine.  When traveling I have to plan out the littlest details and would always be worried that I have forgotten something.   I also find that if the kids or the dog do something that interrupts my schedule I’ll lash out in anger. “

This stress Jennifer was experiencing had begun to affect her sleep in that even with taking Benadryl it took 1-2 hour to fall asleep, and once asleep she ground her teeth.  The inability to get a sound sleep caused her to be so fatigued that in the afternoon she would fall asleep on the couch while watching her kids play.

Jennifer was treated with homeopathic Sepia and started on a series of acupuncture.  Almost immediately she was more relaxed with fewer mood swings and even found herself laughing spontaneously.  As her stress level decreased she not only was dropping off to sleep in just 5-10 minutes but her sleep was deeper and more restful.

So often with the constant stresses in our lives our body losses it ability to equilibrate leaving us in a state of imbalance both emotionally and physically.  Homeopathy and acupuncture help to restore the balance that our bodies long for.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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