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Raw, Cooked, Steamed or Microwaved ? Fresh or Frozen?

Broccoli  is one of the most effective cancer-preventing vegetables there is, both because of its levels of Indole 3 carbinol and sulforaphane.   Several studies have been performed to determine what is the best way to eat this amazing vegetable without destroying these nutrients yet making them available for our bodies to digest.

What scientists have found is that steaming for 3-4 minutes is even better than raw.   It releases enough of an enzyme that releases sulforaphane, without destroying it.  Many people boil or microwave their broccoli, but it was found in a study earlier this year that the enzyme that releases the sulforaphane is destroyed within one minute.

Frozen broccoli is bought because of the convenience yet it has virtually no indole-3-carbinol or  sulofraphane.  The reason for this is that all across the food industry vegetables are blanched in high heat before being frozen.   Although this process turns broccoli an attractive bright green color it destroys its enzyme.

One additional tip in preventing cancer- eat radish or wasabi with your steamed broccoli.     It helps release sulforphane.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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