The Link Between Mold Toxicity and Hidden Infections Part 2 of 5

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The Link Between Mold Toxicity and Hidden Infections Part 2 of 5

What is uniques about mycotoxins is it will tend to affect only about 30% of people exposed to it.  Those who are more prone have MTHFR and HLADR genetics.  The brain, digestive system, and immune system are the most dramatically affected by mycotoxin exposure.   Because of the powerful impact on the nervous system, many mold exposed patients will experience unusual neurological symptoms.  Mycotoxins impact gut health in three main ways:  they damage the intestinal epithelial lining and tight junction proteins, causing increased permeability (leaky gut); they alter the abundance and diversity of intestinal microflora (good bacteria); and they significantly reduce intestinal mucus production.  These damaging effects to the digestive tract also negatively impact the immune system.  Mycotoxins can both stimulate and suppress the immune system, causing susceptibility to infection, activation of chronic underlying infections or parasites, and decreased efficacy of vaccines or medications.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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