The Link Between Mold Toxicity and Hidden Infections Part 4 of 5

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The Link Between Mold Toxicity and Hidden Infections Part 4 of 5

There are several steps that can drastically mimimize mold and mycotoxin exposure.  First, test for mold exposure.  This can be done by purchasing a test kit consisting of petri dishes that are set out to collect mold spores.  Or you may consider hiring professionals to come in to test your home.   Second, minimize exposure to mycotoxins to remove constant levels of toxic exposure.  Exposure levels in the home can be drastically reduced by eliminating factors that create a welcoming environment for mold and completing a comprehensive mold clean up.  A low-mold diet eliminates processed food and sugars; mold and yeast containing foods like cheese, dried fruits, and alcohol); and gluten and grains.  This works by eliminating foods that are known to be often contaminated with mold, limiting sugary foods that fuel mold growth, and minimizes foods that can cause and exacerbate chronic inflammation.  Purifying indoor air, which often has pollution levels up to 10 times more than outdoor air!), drastically improves air quality by capturing and neutralizing mold spores before they’re inhaled.  Third, enhance detoxification with supplementation designed to aid the body in eliminating mold and to begin healing underlying damages.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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