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The other side of salt.

The Other Side of Salt

TOver the years there has been quite a lot of publicity on the amount of salt that Americans consume and the health problems attributed to this high salt intake. However, there is another side to salt that is seldom mentioned.

Dr. Jacques Loeb (1859-1924) proved through experiments that industrial-grade sea salt solution (at the same concentration as sea water) was poisonous to marine organisms, and this was not due to the absence of the other 80-plus constituents of sea water. His experimental young fish lived indefinitely in distilled water. The refining process renders life-giving natural salt into a sterile sodium chloride that is not suitable for human consumption.

Some people assume that the more you can eliminate salt from your diet the better. But there are many illness that benefit from the intake of sodium found in natural salt. One example is adrenal exhaustion. Common symptoms of adrenal exhaustion are. hypotension, hypoglycemia, exhaustion after exercise, intolerance to stress, and some times loss of weight. Sodium is one of the main minerals necessary for proper adrenal function.

One should avoid all processed foods and fast foods as they are loaded with “sterile salt”. Also replace the Morton’s Salt with unrefined sea salt.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMDT

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