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Magnesium is essential for wellbeing.

Why We Need Magnesium Supplementation

There are three reasons why we need to supplement our magnesium intake.

First,magnesium is low in foods because of the refining process to the tune of 80%. Another factor is the way our soil is conditioned. It is not supplemented with magnesium and other minerals so our produce is depleted in magnesium. A third reason is because is due to environmental stress such as pollution, drugs and diseases. The body requires enormous amount of energy to take magnesium from the serum and hold it into the cell where there is a 10:1 concentration in the cell compared to outside the cell. When tissues begin to break down in disease they lose their ability to maintain this gradient. In addition, emotional stress depletes magnesium in our bodies. If you were to take a rat and subject it to a lot of loud noise you’ll will find that a lot of magnesium in the urine. The reason being epinephrine which is produced during times of stress causes the cells the lose magnesium at a greater rate and thus it is lost in the urine. So anyone under chronic stress has a tendency to magnesium depletion.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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