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Yes, Women DO need Progesterone!

Many gynecologists assert that women don’t need progesterone if their uterus has been removed (hysterectomy).  They reason that progesterone is no longer needed to slough off the uterine lining (menstrual bleeding) when the uterus is gone.

Unfortunately, because of this rationale, women have suffered from progesterone deficiency symptoms including weight gain, water retention, memory loss, sleep disorders, anxiety to name a few.   Many women also begin to experience cycles without ovulation long before menopause thus diminishing the amount of progesterone available to their bodies.

Studies have shown that progesterone is needed for cardiovascular health in women.  Although women start presenting with heart disease at an older age than men, commonly the first and only symptom is a fatal heart attack.

Dr. Jerilynn Prior has compiled evidence from in vitro studies, animal studies, human studies and epidemiology to support the need for progesterone before and after menopause.  Progesterone has a positive effect on the blood flow and the smooth muscle lining of blood vessel and influences the electrical impulses of the heart.   Using progesterone in physiological doses that mimic the levels of progesterone normally produced in the latter part of the cycle can make a great impact on cardiovascular risks.

Other studies have shown that in addition to the cardiovascular benefits progesterone will lessen ones risk of getting breast cancer.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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