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YUM – Plant-Based Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet.

While there has been a backlash among media columnists and late-night comedians about gluten sensitivity the issue is real and is often underappreciated by medicine. Often when evaluating patients with complex health issues I find that food sensitivities are a contributing factor in their symptoms. These patients often come in on a multitude of medications and extensive supplements that mask at best the underlying cause.

When I bring up the issue of food sensitivities patients will often say they have been tested by their allergist and nothing showed up. Unfortunately, the skin testing and certain blood tests that allergist use do not detect one’s true reactivity to certain foods that might be contributing to their symptoms.

Once blood tests, like ALCAT come back showing sensitivities to certain foods like gluten and dairy I recommend avoidance of these items. For some people who cook simply or prefer prepared foods gluten and dairy restriction can be a major undertaking. This can be even more difficult if children are the patients.

Many gluten free and dairy free recipes found online or in print can be time consuming to prepare and not be all that appealing to the taste buds. Enter Theresa Nicassio, a clinical psychologist who developed health problems while in her 30s that led her rethink her diet. She has with the help of others developed recipes that are easy to prepare and even more importantly children and other family members will enjoy.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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