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A Certified Holistic Health Coach EXPLAINED

Do you know what you need to do to improve your health, but just cannot seem to do it? Are you totally confused by all of the dietary information out there and have no idea how to eat healthily? Has your doctor told you to make changes to your diet or lifestyle, but left out how to go about it? A Certified Holistic Health Coach is specifically trained to help you discover what works for you. Below are three reasons that a health coach who is committed to your success may be exactly the support you need.

1. It’s not easy to make the changes you need to by yourself, or even to know exactly what changes to make. 

We all basically know what we need to do – eat better and get more exercise. However, life can be chaotic and no matter how good your intentions are, you never quite seem to get around to it, or you find yourself returning to old habits within days or weeks of starting a new regimen leaving you frustrated and self-doubting. A health coach can help you break that cycle. Having someone who helps you make commitments, holds you accountable and is available to check in with when you’re feeling stuck substantially increases your chances of success in reaching your health improvement goals. A health coach can help you make and stick with the small changes that over time, add up to big transformations.

2. Diets don’t work.

Yet, we continue to buy into the latest diets and other health fad products sold to us as the “Holy Grail for all” and sign up for numerous programs (some even peddled by medical doctors) that advertise spectacular results, but merely get us hooked on packaged, processed fake food or mystery juice shots. These approaches fail to address the root causes of an individual’s inability to lose weight, and they are not affordable or sustainable for the long haul.

3. Bio-individuality is the key – what works for one person does not work for everyone. 

You are a unique individual. The food, exercise, relaxation and recreation that you and your body respond to are not the same as anyone else. A health coach will cut through all of the marketing hype and guide you to discover your own unique path to health in a positive, easily digestible way that will work for the rest of your life.

Overall, a health coach can help you transform into a healthier, happier version of you. If you are ready to create a healthier and happier life through better nutrition, balanced lifestyle choices, stress reduction and self-care, our Certified Holistic Health Coach, Liz Kerby is ready to help you start your journey. Please call Renaissance Health Centre at 702-258-7860 to schedule an appointment with her today. We cannot wait to see your transformation!

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