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Choose Wisely

In 1972 the world lost its ability to feed itself solely from fish caught in the wild. As a result farmed fish production has steadily been rising each year to fill our needs. One particular farmed fish, Tilapia, is appearing more and more on the restaurants menus and at the fish counter. But how good is this fish?

Talapia is a tender white fish the contains excess of pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid. In fact the ratio of arachindonic acid to omega 3 is 11:1. The reason for this high level of arachindonic acid is tilapia is fed corn meal which is high in omega 6 fatty acid. This omega 6 fatty acid is easily converted to arachindonic acid. Farmed catfish is another fish that has a high ratio of omega 6 to omega 3.

Because inflammation is responsible for most of our chronic diseases, next time you eat fish choose wisely.

HMDO, Terry Pfau

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