Homeopathy and male morning sickness

Male Morning Sickness

Sometimes with chronic illness, especially if it is of slow onset, we try to ignore the symptoms and as a result we become accustomed to not feeling well. But often times treatment can restore the body quickly back to normal

Such was the case of Jacob who about a year ago started to experience nausea only in the morning on rising. Over the months his symptoms gradually worsened to where now he will have vomiting on some days. Once he realized his body was not going to be able to take care of this imbalance he came in for help.

After taking his history which was pretty unremarkable except for the above symptoms I prescribed homeopathic Sepia. On his return visit a week later he reported that after just 2 days of taking the remedy his symptoms were completely gone.

Sepia, a remedy made from the ink of the cuttle fish, has many uses one of which is morning sickness in pregnant women. In Jacob’s case all his body needed was a little homeopathic stimulus to restore health.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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