Jordan is a typical 3 year old with the exception of a disfiguring eruption one his face and head. His parents had taken him to several dermatologist who diagnosed him as having psoriasis a chronic often progressive skin disorder that is difficult to treat with conventional medications. Jordan was prescribed the usual topical steroids but this did little to combat the progression of the disease.

I understood what the parents frustration as Denise and I experienced this 25 years ago when our then 5 year old daughter started to have a progressive psoriatic outbreak. We to went to several dermatologist but to no avail. It was finally an osteopathic physician who practiced homeopathy in Kansas City that was able to treat her successfully.

Fortunately, when it comes to most skin disorders and children homeopathy is very effective. Jordan was treated with a constitutional homeopathic remedy and over the next several months the lesions gradually disappeared. Almost a year has past now and with the exception of a few pin point lesions on his chest Jordan shows no signs of the disease.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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