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Month: February 2015

The one-legged test

New research suggest that the ability to balance on 1 leg may tell us more about a person’s brain health and risk of stroke. Struggling to stand on 1 leg for less than 20 seconds was associated with a higher risk of stroke, small blood vessel damage in the brain, and reduced cognitive function in …

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From Deformed Piglets to Dead Honeybees

Danish farmer Ib Borup Pedersen and his family have been raising pigs since 1959.  It was only after he switch his feed to Monsanto’s GMO feed – which had been grown with glyphosate – that he became alarmed at the growing incidence of malformation among his newborn piglets.  Deformities include gaps in piglets’ skulls, deformed …

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The Love Hormone

Oxytocin is a hormone that increases after a woman gives birth to a child. Oxytocin is also seen to increase in animals after they give birth. Which is why oxytocin has always been perceived to be a “bonding hormone”.  Simply put, if mommy gives birth to baby, oxytocin increases so that mommy bonds with baby …

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The True Epidemic

The last several weeks with the measles “epidemic” in the news there has been increased social pressures on those parents who have chosen not to immunize their children.  This social pressure has even come to bear on presidential candidate and medical doctor Rand Paul who at the top of the week said that he had …

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