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August 2006

Fear of spiders.


The other day I was reading in a medical journal of a novel approach for treating phobias. In this particular article researchers from Switzerland and Germany postulated that because fearful situations can trigger the release of cortisol in the brain and as cortisol is also known to impair memory retrieval, then giving cortisol before exposure …

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A Cure All?

It is not uncommon for me to prescribe a certain supplement or remedy for a patient’s ailment and have they return with remarkable stories of how it helped with a slew of other symptoms. One such case is that of a middle age woman I saw who was having some digestive problems. I suspected that …

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The Physician’s Counsel

The Encarta Dictionary defines the noun “counsel” as “advice sought from or given by somebody, especially somebody who is wise or knowledgeable.” Similarly, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “counsel” is an “opinion as to what ought to be done given as the result of consultation; aid or instruction for directing the judgment; advice, direction.” …

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He Was No Angel

Gabriel who just turned four goes non-stop from 7am to 9pm with no naps. From the description his mother gave me he was no angel, in fact, he was more like a monster. When his father would get home at night he became much more aggressive throwing punches and having temper tantrums whenever he does …

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