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November 2006


Leave it to the biggest name brand in the world to cash in on the multi-billion dollar weight loss business. Yes Coca-Cola will be launching a new green tea soft drink called Enviga. They claim it helps burn calories about 20-30 calories per 12-ounce can. This new tea/soft drink comes with a powerful punch. It …

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Environmental Causes of ADHD

Nearly half a million cases of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder among U.S. children are related to exposures to lead or their mothers’ smoking while pregnant. A recent study suggested that these two environmental hazards might account for more than a quarter of drug-treated ADHD cases. The study found that children whose mothers smoked before giving birth-but …

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What Are Your Rights?

It is law in all US states that children be properly immunized before attending school. However, in addition to medical exemptions offered in each state, 48 states allow for religious exemptions and 19 states allow personal belief exemptions. Personal belief exemptions include religious, philosophical and any other unspecified non-medical exemption. Those states that do not …

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