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Month: August 2007

Darkfield Analysis of Live Blood

Periodically, patients will either tell me that they were treated based on darkfield analysis of live blood or will ask my opinion of this technique. In 1925 the German zoologist Gunther Enderlein, PhD published a concept of microbial life cycles. Dr. Enderlein used a specialized oblique illumination technique that enables specimens that are not imaged …

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Healthful Fish

Here are some helpful ideas in how to buy healthful fish: Coldwater fish rather than fish from warmer waters Salmon, artic cod, and tuna, which sim in cold water, are rich in the polyunsaturated fats known as omega-3s. Since salt freezes at subzero temperatures, how do costal fish survive winter waters unfrozen? In part, the …

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What antioxidants can do to your body

Do Antioxidants Kill People?

It seems that every time we turn around, a new study appears telling us how dangerous nutritional supplements are. The latest was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that found that taking antioxidant supplements does not prolong life. On the contrary, the use of some antioxidants ( beta-carotene, vitamin A and Vitamin …

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Should you gulp your drink or sip it?

Sipper versus Gulper

One would think that the way you drink fluids would not make a difference, but it does. About 60 years ago Italian scientists discovered that when a person sips their fluid frequently throughout the day rather than just drinking the same amount of fluid in larger quantity less frequently the frequency of urination increases. When …

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Metal Accumulation and Health

“I was taught in neurology residency training in the early 1970’s that when symptoms cannot readily be explained, look for toxic metal poisoning,” Robert A. Nash, MD, writes in his article “Metals in Medicine” Clinical and laboratory research has found that the toxic heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium have affinities for various organs …

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This Is Something That Is Real

A half century ago, doctors from Europe and North America who spent time in central Africa were struck by the absence of multiple sclerosis there. Indeed, the farther from the equator people lived, the more prevalent multiple sclerosis (MS) seemed to become thus arose the “latitude hypothesis” of MS, suggesting that a lack of direct …

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