Month: May 2008

Is Chocolate Healthy?

Cocoa beans contain a lot of potentially beneficial flavanols . . . more than tea, red wine, apples, or onions. The only problem is flavanol is very bitter and often is taken out when cocoa beans are treated to make them milder. So chances are the better the chocolate tastes, the less beneficial it is. …

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What is shaking palsy caused by?

The Shaking Palsy

Parkinson’s first surfaced in 1817 when James Parkinson, a British physician, published a paper on what he called “the shaking palsy.” Almost 200 years later it has become an epidemic where over 1,000,000 Americans lie with Parkinson’s, making it the second most common neurodegenerative disorder (Alzheimer’s ranks first). What is even more alarming is that …

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IV Vitamins For Hay fever

Over the years I have had literally hundreds of patients suffering from hay fever receive significant benefit from either large dose of vitamin C given intravenously or what is known as Myers Cocktail. The vitamin C is well known for its antihistamine activity and when 50,000mg is given intravenously the results are often amazing. In …

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Dirtiest Job

One of my 13 year old son’s favorite TV show is Dirty Jobs. For those who have not seen this show the host of the show Mike Rowe films himself working on jobs that can be quite gross and disgusting. It is too bad Mike Rowe can’t go back in time 1,000 years ago in …

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The Balancing Act

So often patients will try to increase their serotonin levels by taking only 5-HTP which is converted to serotonin. Increasing serotonin levels in the brain often will help with stabilizing mood swings such as depression and anxiety and insomnia. The problem with this approach is that when only 5-HTP is used it depletes the neurotransmitter …

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