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April 2017


Vaccines vs Autism

Scoreboard: Autism: 1,082,353. Measles: 644 In 2014, there was hysteria surrounding the 644 cases of measles that were recorded as a result of the Disney outbreak. In that same year, there were 1,082,353 cases of autism diagnosed yet it barely received the media attention it so justly deserves. Instead, there is a virtual “feeding frenzy” …

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Scorned for Studying Chelation Therapy

The new heart patient asked Dr. Gervasio Lamas if he thought chelation therapy was worth a try. “Of course not!” the cardiologist replied emphatically. His Harvard training had taught him that alternative therapies were a waste of time and money, and potentially risky to boot. “I told him it was quackery.” But Lamas went home …

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