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November 2016


Why Prince Did Not Need to Die

Autopsy of Prince found that he died from an overdose of the powerful pain killer fentanyl.   He is one of over 15,000 people that die each year from an overdose of prescribed narcotics.  Prince’s chronic  pain following hip surgery required the use of Percocet.   As with all pain medications over time it became ineffective …

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Red Ginseng Improves Chronic Tinnitus

Tinnitus (“ringing in the ear”) is a fairly common complaint that involves 1 out of 7 people.  Most people learn to live with it but for others it can disrupt their quality of life. I have seen this condition respond sometimes to acupuncture and frequency specific microcurrent but it is often resistant to treatment. A …

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Cure for Alcoholism

The Sinclair method for de-addiction to alcohol and other addictions can be found in the book The Cure for Alcoholism.   Briefly, alcoholics enforce their habitual drinking by their body’s production of endorphins with each drink of alcohol.    Before one developed an alcoholic habit, there is a limited stimulation of opioid receptors by drinking alcohol.  As …

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