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All-Natural Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

STIMULATING COLLAGEN GROWTH WITH YOUR OWN PLATELET-RICH PLASMA Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments have recently gained popularity in the realm of regenerative medicine due to their ability to stimulate cell regeneration and trigger tissue healing and cell reproduction. PRP treatments utilize proteins known as growth factors from the platelets of the patient’s own blood to stimulate …

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10 Reasons Your Should Practice Yoga

10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

HOW THE ULTIMATE MIND-BODY CONNECTION HEALS The word “yoga” means “to unite” or “to join.” The practice of yoga leads to the unity of individual consciousness with universal consciousness creating a harmony between the mind, body and nature. Yoga was created thousands of years ago, long before any religious belief systems were born. It is …

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Ozone therapy is a low potency homeopathic treatment that stimulates and stabilizes biological functions. It is safe, effective, non-toxic, easy to use and inexpensive. Ozone therapy has been shown to have healing capabilities and exceptionally positive effects on chronic illnesses such as Lyme, EBV and mold exposure, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis, infectious and inflammatory diseases, acute and chronic …


Is Holistic Medicine More Effective AND Less Expensive?

Is Holistic Medicine More Effective AND Less Expensive?

Alternative Medicine Study Overview| Holistic Medicine A recent study sponsored by the government of Ireland concluded that alternative and complementary therapies not only offered significant health benefits for patients, but also saved the government-run health care system a significant amount of money. Patients involved in the study were referred by their local doctors typically when …

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