Month: August 2016


Symptoms & Causes of Testosterone Deficiency in Women

  Although the primary symptoms for women are decreased libido and other sexual complaints (see box below), other signs of testosterone deficiency are a general lack of energy and overall vitality, and a loss of muscle tone. Most women begin to experience these symptoms after menopause, when their testosterone levels typically decline by approximately 50%. …

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Functions of Testosterone in Women

Through ongoing research, the medical community is learning that testosterone serves many purposes, ranging from the commonly understood sexual functions to surprising findings that it may help to control blood sugar and may also have an anticoagulant effect. In addition, testosterone’s well-known role in building muscles and bones is especially important for women facing age-related …

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Testosterone in Modern Day

Natural vs. Un-natural Testosterone Natural hormones have a molecular structure identical to the hormones produced by the body; hence, they are called bioidentical. Both “natural” and un-natural hormones can be synthesized in a laboratory. However, only bioidentical hormone molecules are indistinguishable from those the body produces and treated the same way by the body. The …

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The Quest for Testosterone

The field of endocrinology (the study of hormones) stems from the medical and scientific quest for the essence of “maleness” and the answer to the question, what makes a man a man? Decades before hormone replacement therapy became commonplace for women, men were practicing their own forms of testosterone replacement therapy. As early as 1400 …

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