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December 2016


The Magic of Anti-Aging – Part I

We have heard that calorie restriction can extend one’s life but where is the evidence?  It appears that this is the case on the Japanese islands of Okinawa.   This lush archipelago southwest of the main island of Japan is home to the largest per capita and healthiest population of centenarians on earth.   Legal birth …

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Fire ‘Cider’

This apple cider maceration is fiery due to the hot spices it contains.  Fire cider is a classic herbal remedy to boost the immune system during flu and cold, stimulate circulation and enhance digestion.  The finished pressed vinegar can be taken by the spoonful when coming down with a cold, used to prepare a tea with …

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Teenage Blood Restores Youth

Chinese rulers of past dynasties had the unusual custom of collecting urine from their teenage subjects and after drying and processing it consumed the purified substance. What they found was that they felt and looked younger. What they did not know was that this purified substance contained hormones like testosterone and DHEA. For many the …

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Crown of Thorns for Traumatic Brain Injury

For most, the term crown of thorn will trigger the image of Christ on the cross with a woven crown of thorns. However, there is a neural therapy known as ‘crown of thorn’ that is very effective in treating traumatic brain injury (TBI). Rachel, a mother of 3 teenagers, was working with one of her …

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Feel Full

Cooked food is easier to digest and extract calories from, which scientists feel was probably an important factor in human evolution after our ancestors invented cooking. Below are listed foods and their digestibility both raw and cooked. Food       Raw                         Cooked …

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Benefits of Testosterone for Men

Testosterone is best known as the male sex hormone that stirs men’s sex drive and improves their erectile function, but it has many other beneficial effects. A healthy body is a firm body with toned muscles partly due to the correct level of testosterone. The appearance of excess fat and loose muscles indicate that a …

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YUM – Plant-Based Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet.

While there has been a backlash among media columnists and late-night comedians about gluten sensitivity the issue is real and is often underappreciated by medicine. Often when evaluating patients with complex health issues I find that food sensitivities are a contributing factor in their symptoms. These patients often come in on a multitude of medications …

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Dysfunction on Wikipedia on Homeopathic Medicine

According to the Washington Post the two most controversial subjects on Wikipedia are Jesus Christ and Homeopathy. Unfortunately, Wikipedia describes homeopathy as being a ‘pseudoscience’. Based on their definition a pseudoscience “is a claim, belief or practice which is presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or …

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