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August 2023

Woman with menstrual cramps

Optimal thyroid health – your menstrual cycle depends on it…

Many women suffering from menstrual irregularities don’t realize how much influence the thyroid gland has on hormones, thus causing menstrual irregularities. Both hypothyroidism (under-active) and hyperthyroidism (over-active) have been linked to menstrual irregularities. Fertility outcomes rely heavily on thyroid health as well. Symptoms seen in patients with undiagnosed or improperly managed hypothyroidism are the following; Early …

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Vitamin D – New Research

About 20 years ago vitamin D came on the scene with studies showing its benefits in preventing and treating specific diseases. More recent research continues to shed light on this important vitamin which in reality is actually a hormone.   Palliative Cancer Care – Not only is vitamin D important in most cancer care it …

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Treating Insomnia with Herbs and Acupuncture

Treating Insomnia With Acupuncture and Herbs

Have You Heard of The Yin/Yang Balance? Many are familiar with the TaiJi symbol which indicates the balance of not only physical properties but emotional properties as well. Yin is represented as, but not limited to, substances including mother’s milk, blood, sweat, saliva, and ejaculate. These aforementioned substances are key to the body’s ability to …

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